Nude Beach Romances Lead To Sex

Houston SEO Expert - Wayne VassEver since I was a little kid, its always been my fantasy to end up at some nude beach.  I guess you could say that the need for it stems from when I was a kid watching my first movie with a scene from a nude beach.  I don’t recall the movie these days, but it goes something like a silhouette of a couple running down a beautiful beach with the sun setting off to the east.  The couple runs around and finally falls to the sand, guy on top girl and then the scene fades out.

Fast forward to today, that though still plays in my mind.  I hear Europe, Spain specifically has beautiful beaches that are fill with nudists, in certain parts of course.  I can’t imagine being there.  Most Europeans I know are amazingly beautiful and just finding myself in that type of situation, if I found a young tender Spanish woman to lay down with at a nude beach, would probably turn into a sexual encounter, assuming no one else was on the beach itself.

The most embarrasing thing for me would be to walk down the beach, spot a couple of cute sexy blondes or brunettes and develop a hard on.  Oh gosh, that would be so embarrasing.  I’m sure its happened to other men before.  Who knows, maybe people wouldn’t care, or if anything just giggle a bit, but at least they’d know I’m attracted to them.

My other fantasy is to not only have sex on the beach, but to also phone whomever while I’m laying on the beach and striking up a conversation, turn the conversation into phone sex and just do whatever comes natural and perhaps act out the scene with whomever I’m with on the beach while still being on the phone.  Now that would be an incredible fantasy come true!

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